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Sea transportation – is one of the oldest options for the movement of goods and people, which has not lost its relevance at the present time. Of all the means of moving goods that existed in ancient times, only ships (which, of course, have changed a lot since that time) continue to work on the sea and river routes of the world.

"At-Abray" is a charterer of the seagoing vessels "Turkmenistan" and "Berkarar", which gives a huge advantage over other companies. Having its own vehicle fleet and sea vessels, "At-Abray" can offer the most favorable tariffs and services for sea transportation.

advantages of international sea transport

• low cost per unit of weight

• ability to carry large quantities of cargo in one voyage

• possibility of delivery of oversized structures

• high degree of safety

• versatility

Types of shipping for Ocean Freight

Container transporting - make it possible to transport the goods to their destination in the exact packaging and form as needed. The advantages of this type of transportation are that you can significantly reduce the cost of packaging or additional packaging, as well as save on insurance, since transporting cargo in a container does not have to worry about theft or loss.

In a container, the cargo will be delivered to the port of destination in perfect condition, without any damage. You can also not use the services of storage facilities and use the container as a temporary storage, in which nothing happens to the cargo.

The use of containers increases the efficiency of unloading and loading, unlike bulk cargo, it is convenient to move them from land transport to a ship.


Sea freight - the charterer gets the whole vessel at his disposal for one or several voyages. If the customer needs to transport a large consignment of cargo, he can use the services of freight brokers, who will select the right vessel for him, corresponding to the capabilities and requirements of the client.

The cost of this type transportation depends on the size and specifics of the cargo. If the traffic is irregular, it is called linear. There are also tramp transportation for which freight is possible.

Such transportation is determined by the terms of the charter, therefore, the time when the vessel will enter the port for unloading or loading is unknown to either the shipowner or the master until the charter conditions are finally approved.


Bulk cargo - these are goods that cannot be transported using packaging, since it is impossible to use it. These are mainly heterogeneous or homogeneous particles of limited size.

Bulk cargoes are concentrates of coal and ore, ore, coal, fertilizers, etc., which are transported on ships in bulk, and sugar and various bulk cargoes are transported in bulk. During the loading process no special fastening and stowage is required.


Ro-ro transportation - this is a type of transportation for rolling cargo: trailers, tractors, cars and other rolling equipment, which do not require cranes for loading onto a ship. Other types of sea transportation do not provide an opportunity to transport rolling cargo.

Ro-ro ships are equipped with ramps (inclined entrances), which allow the removal and delivery of cargo from the vessel. Ro-ro transportation differs from the transportation of oversized cargo in that in the second case, a crane is required.


"Door-to-door" transportation - is a scheme that involves the delivery of goods from one point to another. It includes all stages from delivery to the port, paperwork, location tracking, loading and unloading, to delivery to the destination warehouse.

Everyone selects optimal types of sea transportation for their cargo, "door-to-door" allows maximum control over the cargo, minimizing costs.

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