Rail Freight

Our aim is to increase the volume of goods moved by rail.

"At-abraý" is one of the leaders in the market of Turkmenistan in the field of transport and logistics. Highly qualified specialists of the company develop the strategy of railway logistics and implement the most complex projects.

Over the entire period of its activity, "At-abraý" has accumulated extensive experience in the field of organizing railway and multimodal transportation, therefore it guarantees a high level of service and a full package of services.

Types of wagons


• 136 m³

• 138 m³

• 158 m³

• 168 m³

Recommended for products requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation, theft and mechanical damage. The structure, closed on all sides, makes it possible to maximally protect the moved values from external factors.


Open-topped rail vehicle with high sides, designed for the carriage of bulk cargo (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), other cargo that does not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

• it is comparatively cheap

• no difficulties in loading and unloading operations


Cistern wagons ensure complete tightness and reliable cargo securing, which ensures safety for people and the environment.

• a wide range of transportation products previously not available for transportation

• transportation of large consignments of goods over long distances, minimizes costs

• no product leakage, each cistern, before loading, undergoes strict control for integrity and tightness


Transportations on a flat car are used for transportation by rail of production equipment, various types of vehicles, large-sized, lengthy, large-capacity bulk structures and other objects resistant to mechanical stress and atmospheric precipitation.

The standard design of the vehicle has dimensions of 28.7 x 133 m. This allows transportation on a flat car of products weighing from 60 to 75 tons, and a maximum height of 26 m. Transportation of oversized products with a height of up to 3 , 9 m. The total height of a loaded wagon from the level of the rails should not exceed 4 and 5.3 m, respectively

Why Us!

We continue to pursue that same vision in contemporary complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! We are experts in freight transportation by rail and all its related services and we pay attention to the needs of each client, provide high-quality services and consistently perform planned transportation.

Affordable Pricing

The world of international supply chains involves a myriad of unknown risks and different rates.

Real-Time Tracking

We ensure our customers’ supply chains are fully compliant by our comprehensive practices and programs.

Warehouse Storage

Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide professional warehouse activities.

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